Updates Updates and more Updates.

The last few months have been jam packed. Ive been in Stockholm, London, Copenhagen, Munich, and Berlin (where i live). Ive been on conference calls with brokers, lawyers, tax advisors and potential buyers from half way round the world. Ive sold Spendless and i am close to launching some great joint projects in the upcoming weeks. And in the midst of all that the blog has been somewhat forgotten. I am hoping to write a review of how the Spendless sale went (depending on the buyer), a review (or at least brief round up) of the A4u in Munich, an article on designing websites on a budget and some notes on my upcoming projects. The first new project started a couple of days ago.

Wisdom of Fans: http://wisdom-of-fans.com

The site aims to predict the outcome of events (starting with the World Cup) based on the input of many. Wisdom of Fans collects peoples tweets about various events and then converts them into one “mass” prediction. The idea is that the many can be more accurate that the one (i.e. football pundits).


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