Unexpected benefits…

A few months ago i spent a weekend in Copenhagen. I was lucky enough to find a small little drinks shop where i sampled Hancock Sports Cola for the first time. This drink tastes superb! Soon after arriving back in Berlin the cravings started. But no worries… the internet provides for every need right? Well not Hancock Sports Cola. After spending hours trying to hunt down a bottle, Willem Von Tinkel (from the Hipstery (a joint project of mine)) came up with the idea of asking our community (via Facebook) if anyone could supply us with some bottles. It turns out that Mads, a customer of the Hipstery (from Denmark) was taking a road trip via Hamburg and Berlin to Prague (in search of some rare cigarettes). Mads was kind enough to reserve some road trip space in the boat of the car for my Hancock Sports Cola. Thank you Mads. :)

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