Passing the new Google Adwords Exam

2 years ago today i decided to take the Google Adwords exam. At the time there was only one exam to pass, and the general consensus was that for people who use Adwords on a day to day basis, it was a bit of a doddle. Well now Google has retired the Google Advertising Professionals program and replaced it with a new AdWords certification program.

What’s new?

The major change is that you now need to pass 2 exams to get your qualification. The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and then one of either; Search Advertising Advanced Exam, Display Advertising Advanced Exam or Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam. As i was given a coupon to take 2 exams for free, and my current qualification was due to expire (after 2 years) i thought i would give the new system a go.


First off, the revision material provided is of a much higher standard than last time around. The chapters are layed out in a clearer manner, there are interactive quizes and tasks to complete and useful videos scattered around. During my couple of hours of revision i actually learnt some minor but really helpful changes that i wouldnt have spotted on my own.

Taking the exams

Another change with the new system is that you now need 85% or higher to pass, and there are 120 questions in each exam. (with 2 hours to complete). When you take the exam it now goes full screen, so no looking up the answers unless you have a second PC handy. The fundamentals exam is still fairly straight forward, but the Search Advertising Exam has definately stepped up a level. I am pleased to say that i managed to pass both first time and you can see much qualification here.

AdWords Individual Qualification Achieved

2 Responses to “Passing the new Google Adwords Exam”

  1. Rob
    October 5, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

    Thanks for the review.
    How did you get the free coupon?
    Do you have to be a big Adwords spender?

  2. Peter
    October 5, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    Hi Rob,

    i got the coupon in an email a few months ago when they announced the changes to the program. I guess i got the code as i was already signed up, and it was an incentive to try out the new system. I am not a huge adwords spender so i doubt it is that.

    Hope that helps

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