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Leaving Leipzig

The last week or so has been fairly hectic as Friedi and I have just moved out of our Leipzig flat (in preparation for the big trip). Apologies for any unanswered emails, but i am currently working through the backlog and will get back to you all soon! I’ve also upgraded to Flickr Pro in […]

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NOCTI VAGUS – Eating in the dark!

Last night, Friedi took me to NOCTI VAGUS (in Berlin) as part of my birthday present. Now, going to a restaurant for your birthday might not sound like the most blogworthy material, but at NOCTI VAGUS you eat in the dark! Not the sort of dark where your eyes grow accustomed to the light after […]

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Munich – August 2008

August the 15th-17th was my weekend trip to visit Karolin in Munich. 4 live football matches watched, 3 bavarian dishes sampled (including the “Best Schnitzel in the World”) and a number of impressive tourist sites made for a superb trip!

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